Jan Murphy - Hair & Makeup


“To work with intention, to incite emotion, and to inspire oneself
to see something they didn’t know they had...”

With a sense of existing like lightning, as if a force of nature, Jan is continually evolving, shedding her own skin. At a young age she fostered a creative mind by continually seeking visual stimulation through a prism of inspiration. Completeing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a concentration in Graphic Design at Monmouth University, Jan followed her passion. Upon graduating her skills were put to use as the solitary graphic artist hired to brand a technology company through their successful IPO bid. Although there was a promise of a future in graphics, Jan found herself immersed into the multisensory world of Interior Design.

A love affair with color that started at a young age was quickly brought forth and explored through texture along with form and function. Jan’s business, Antiquity, employed a graceful pursuit of juxtaposition with a discerning eye and precise attention to detail. After ten years of fabricating personal living spaces, along with designing custom furniture and composing a room for the Stately Homes by-the-Sea Showhouse, Jan recognized her internal need of continual growth and re-envisioned her future. Her fascination of re-imagining clothing and styling looks, particularly through layers brought her to her next medium of interest, makeup.

Always an advocate of education and thirsty for knowledge, Jan completed the Fashion and Beauty program at Make-Up Designory NYC in March of 2016. Allowing herself to be owned by this experience proved to be favorable and inspiration was once again unlocked by her instructors and classmates. Combining her education of the Arts, love of color, and a fluidity in nature, Jan’s passion will make you believe in magic.